Tenerife is an island of permanent summer or, to put it differently, of permanent spring. If it looks as if July or August to lasted 12 months of the year here, you may have a point. This is exactly the type of weather they have out there in the South (Sur). In the North, especially in the beautiful Orotava valley (Valle de la Orotava), you have a warm and pleasant spring all year round. Depending on the season, average temperatures range between 21 and 26 degrees, rising 3-4 degrees more in the South.
The island's attractions feature a mellow climate, hospitable people, year-round swimming in the Atlantic and a host of other activities to be pursued. They include eight top quality golf courses and an exciting experience paragliding from Pico El Teide, at 3717 metres above sea level the highest mountain in Spain. A cable car will lift you to 3,555 metres above sea level.From there, climbing to the very top takes just about an hour. However, you need to obtain a special permit, as for nature conservation reasons the authorities impose a daily limit on the number of authorised climbers. For more information and the address of the office issuing such permits, please refer to WEBTENERIFE.
Memorable experiences in the LORO PARQUE, Puerto de la Cruz, feature not only the largest collection of live parrots and penguins in the world, but also the training of dolphins, killer whales, seals and parrots.
The best year-round surfing area in Europe, El Medano, as well as the close proximity of the continent (3-6 hours by plane) have inevitably made the island not only a frequent target of short-term tourism.
Tenerife is rapidly turning into a destination for long-term stays. It has become fashionable to spend winter, the island's high season, in local residential housing.
There are two ways to do it. Long-term renting of a flat, studio, suite or villa or buying such property.
To make your decision-making easier, we have compiled some basic information about the island complete with a small photogallery. With no obligation arising on your part, we stand ready to advise you on how to buy or lease property, how to avoid problems as well as get your properties repaired and properly maintained.

Welcome to the island of Tenerife, the island of eternal spring and summer.

Tenerife is an island where the investment really pays off. For years, the property market here has been growing...
Teneriffe ist mit ihrer Fläche von 2057 km2 die größte der sieben Hauptinsel der Kanaren. Auf Teneriffe wohnen ungefähr 600.000 Einwohner
Hauptstadt: Santa Cruz de Teneriffe
Amtssprache: Spanisch
Höchster Berg: Vulkan Teide (3718 m)
Religion: katholisch
Ortszeit: GMT +0

Landkarten von Tenerife

Would you like to invest on Tenerife?
For years, the value of properties on Tenerife had been growing
General information
Information you should have before you fly to Tenerife
Air tickets, transport
The flight usually takes 4-6 hours and costs about 250 €. We can assist with selecting.
letenky a doprava
Canary cuisine
Tasty, aromatic and very nutritious, these are the words to describe food on Tenerife
Summary of prices
To give you an idea about the prices, we made an overview...
prehlad cien
pocasie na Tenerife Weather on the island
Do you know why is Tenerife called an island of permanent spring or summer?
Vino z Tenerife
Canary islands wine
Famous not only for great quality, but also interesting way of cultivation
vino z Tenerife

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